Can CBD help you catch some Z's?

Can CBD help you catch some Z's?

So how does CBD help with insomnia or sleeping issues?

Because CBD communicates with receptors in the brain and throughout the body it also communicates with the receptors that control your bodies’ sleep cycle. Scientists are still researching exactly how CBD interacts with these brain receptors to promote better sleep and according to recent studies done earlier this year - a group of researchers have concluded that CBD can in fact help with sleep. 

Another way is the sheer benefit of reducing anxiety - calmer mind means faster sleep times. Constantly staying up late with thoughts racing through your mind or maybe stressed about an important meeting or big decision ahead. That can cause anxiety and anxiety can make it difficult to fall asleep. Having CBD ease anxiety can lead to a more restful night. 

CBD also has been shown to keep those small aches and pains, that may interrupt your sleep, at bay so you can get the best out of your sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. 


“For years I have suffered with chronic insomnia. A typical night used to consist of no more than 3-4 of sleep then endless tossing and turning. I’ve been taking the drops consistently for 9 days and can say they work wonders! I am now sleeping a solid 6-7 hours without waking. I am using 10 drops twice per day. I urge anyone reading this suffering from any kind of sleeping or anxiety to give these drops a try, they are magical! Thanks herbstrong for making great products and having great service!” - Dylan

If you haven’t tried CBD for your sleep issues - NOW is the best time to do yourself a favor and give yourself a good night's rest.