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Herbstrong Recovery products are full of the highest quality CBD in the market. Herbstrong labeling and marketing on the internet says "hemp extract" instead of the verbiage "CBD" because of marketing restrictions. It is NOT hemp seed oil. The definition of our product is hemp extract which contains the broad spectrum (THC extracted) of cannabinoids and terpenes. The mg on the bottle is the CBD in the entire bottle, the serving size is listed on the back. For example, our 1000mg bottle is 4mg per drop - 1000mg in the 15ml bottle. 


Our Broad Spectrum CBD oil is also referred to as "FULL" spectrum since it contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes but the THC has been removed. The term "BROAD" was not relevant when we started Herbstrong, so some of our packaging and branding still says FULL spectrum. We test each batch before creating products and all lab results show "ND" or not detectable. We have active military, professional athletes, and first responders that use our products and are actively drug tested. 

No, Herbstrong products will not get you high. It does not contain properties with psychoactive effects. 

Benefits of the products are usually felt 15-45 minutes after consumption or application, whereas long-term benefits are typically seen after 1-2 weeks of consistent use. If you are not feeling effects, you should use a little bit more day by day until you do feel the effects. We, at Herbstrong can not tell you how much your body needs, however, you may review our testimonials and do your research to find what is best for you.  It is very typical to use about 5 drops x twice a day to start and get benefits. Your dose may vary based on size.  It is most beneficial to take on an empty stomach. We have received some amazing emails from people finding benefits, if you want give any holistic program a try, you have to be willing to be consistent as all of our bodies are different.

Herbstrong CBD was built on the concept of a STRONG formula for a fair price. With any plant based ingredients, the batches of raw material ( CBD extract) can vary in flavor and appearance.  We do our best to keep the product consistent, but there are times when the flavor and color will be different from your last bottle.  

What we do guarantee is that you have a STRONG formula rich in CBD and natural Cannabinoids.  We will provide the most current lab results by request if you email until it is available on the website.

We do not post our CoA on our website at this time- we prefer to hand-email you the most current information and be able to answer questions you may have. 

Many customers want to compare various CBD companies pricing - this is a very common question we are asked. If you read the details below, with the 1000mg bottle as an example - you will have the information you need to make an informed decision.  There are lots of beautiful CBD companies out there - we will never bash anyone else - we are just happy that you have found CBD as an alternative! 

To further explain - CBD itself - does not have a color or flavor - the strength of our product is not indicated by color or flavor.  The raw materials -the plant matter controls the flavor and the color.  

Customer service is available during normal business hours if you have any questions! 

We recommend use within 2 years. Just make sure to keep your products in a dry, dark, and cool environment to stop any kind of chemical reactions from moisture, sunlight, or heat. Please know that because our MCT oil has no preservatives, the MCT oil will react to light and turn pink.  This is the nutrients in the coconut oil reacting to light.  This actually has nothing to do with the CBD - see blog post

We recommend a few best ways for taking hemp extract oil: sublingually (under the tongue), Topically, or as an Inhalant (Vaporizing).  Also, the 250mg ( Strong Paws) is perfectly acceptable for human consumption as the 1000mg ( Extra Strong) is perfectly acceptable for animal consumption. The 3000mg and 5000mg also contain the same ingredients and is great for people that take higher doses and is also suitable for larger animals.

Place drops under the tongue and let it sit for up to 60 seconds before ingesting. 

Suggested Dose: 

Recovery Drops - MCT oil and Full Spectrum CBD (dropper = 1ml)

  • The recovery drops can be vaped, but are not marketed as such 
  • They can be applied directly onto a sore body part or mixed with your own lotion 
  • All of our sublingual drops: 5000mg, 3000mg,1000mg, 2,000mg and 250mg are the same ingredients
  • If you choose to take with food, the bioavailability may be reduced by up to 50%
  • Dosing is measured by single droplet and not full dropper

Here is a brief dosing guide that works the best for the majority of our customers.

  • (1,000mg) - Each drop is roughly 4mg
  • (3,000mg) - Each drop is roughly 6mg
  • (5,000mg) - Each drop is roughly 10mg
  • (250mg) aka Strong Paws - Each drop is roughly 1mg, while a whole dropper is roughly 16.5mg

For general health: 5-15 mg CBD twice daily

For small aches/ pain/ anxiety: 10-20 mg twice daily

For specific pain, injury, anxiety (ailment): 25-40 mg twice daily

For extreme pain/ ailments: 50mg+ twice daily

Seizures/ Chemotherapy/ Extreme cases: 100mg+ mg twice daily

As a starter we suggest the 1,000mg Recovery Drops and taking 2 - 3 drops (not a full dropper) twice daily for a consistent week or two. You may increase or decrease accordingly after that. One person could need 1 mg of CBD while another could need 100 mg. 

Each person is different and has different tolerances per their specific body chemistry so the amount would depend on you. As always we suggest for medical advice, to contact your primary doctor and get their professional opinion. 

Recovery Cream - 1000mg of full spectrum CBD in a 50g jar

  • Safe on humans and animals topically
  • About a dime size amount is = 20mg
  • Use a small amount as needed 
  • Call or email customer service for more assistance 

We ship all across the United States except South Dakota. We investigated the laws and sent out test shipments to many countries. At this time we are finding to many seizures and returns when shipping International. Canada is a no, Australia is a no for this very reason.  It is not in the best interest of our customer to attempt shipments outside of the U.S. although we are working on a solution. Feel free to email to check current availability. ( South Dakota is prohibited by our bank)

Yes, for orders over $100 we offer free shipping for domestic orders via USPS First Class Package.  We recommend that everyone take advantage of the free shipping.  To upgrade your shipping is at your own risk that the post office will deliver within that time frame.  Keep in mind that most orders are delivered within 2-5 days all over the country.  If an order is late, ask you neighbors if they got your package and contact your LOCAL post office as they will be quicker and more helpful than the general line. We do not offer refunds for late delivery that was the responsibility of the post office or other carrier. Once we turn over the package, it is out of our control. No compensation will be offered for issues with shipping after the package left our hands or as a result of customer error ( such as wrong address placed by customer).

Once your order is "Fulfilled" the system sends an email - however, we are still processing your order at that time, that does not mean "shipped" Please know that once fulfilled it may take 24 hours to leave the warehouse.

If you have not received your order, please check the tracking number sent to you in the shipment email. The tracking information will let you know if the package traveled to you, if it was delivered, or if there is a hold up with the carrier service.  As the recipient, you must contact the local carrier ( USPS) directly for the fastest results.   

If you chose to upgrade your shipping, this  is at your own risk that the post office will deliver within that time frame.  Keep in mind that most orders are delivered within 2-5 days all over the country.  If an order is late, ask you neighbors if they got your package and contact your LOCAL post office as they will be quicker and more helpful than the general line. 

We do not offer refunds for late delivery that was the responsibility of the post office or other carrier. Once we turn over the package, it is out of our control. No compensation will be offered for issues with shipping after the package left our hands or as a result of customer error ( such as wrong address placed by customer).

As a general rule, we have a quick and efficient shipping time for all customers. Our shipping department is in operation from Monday - Friday. Any order that is placed before Midnight (PST) will typically be processed the following working day as long as the item is in stock. Orders done on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are processed the following Monday. Please expect additional processing times on orders that are placed during holidays, high volumes sales events, and weekends.

After an order is received, it is then processed and packaged before it is shipped. Processing times can range from 2 - 5 business days although as stated above, it is most common to ship very quickly. During this time you may receive an email or SMS notification that your order has shipped - however the order has been processed for shipping and may not have actually been shipped. You will be able to track your order at and tell if it is moving.  

Once an item it done processing - it will then be handed over to the mailing courier that you select at checkout. Tracking is usually updated in real time as the order is being shipped. The Herbstrong warehouse is in California, so keep that in mind when you view the shipping times below.

  • First Class Shipping is 2 - 5 business days 
  • Priority Shipping is 1 - 3 business days 
  • Priority Express Shipping is 1 - 2 business days 

Herbstrong provides FREE First Class Shipping on order over $100. Upgrade shipping at your own risk. 

As long as you gave permission, you will receive an email or text with tracking information as soon as your order is received, shipped, out for delivery, and delivered. Your notifications can be modified any time by logging into your account or email us at with your preference. 

You can track your shipment at any time by entering your tracking information below. 

If you have a package which says "delivered" or is MIA, these are the steps to file a claim.  

Please reach out to right away as we do have a system in place on our end as well.  

Part of our process is that you will need to provide us with your claim number after following the link below.

If your product arrives damaged or there is product missing as a result of the carrier mis-handling, it is important that you keep the original packaging. Please notify us at within 7 days so that we can assist you. It is helpful if you take a picture to send in the email - but do make sure to keep the original packaging for the claim, as the carrier will demand to inspect it as part of their own process. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you from there. 

The most common reason that the card does not work on our site, but works elsewhere, is that the billing address is entered incorrectly or that your bank has flagged the transaction as fraudulent. 

Occasionally there may be a situation with your internet or security on your computer. 

You may simply call your bank and ask them to approve the purchase, then you will have to go through the order process again. 

Please check your bank records to see the billing address you have on file and be sure to copy it over exactly. Beware of auto / default data entry that may be set on your computer! 

When a card is declined for any reason, there may be a period of time that the monies show "pending".  This is between the payment processor and your bank and will not be permanent.  This is a standard process which we have no control over, as it is your bank that determines the release. 

You are welcome to reach out to if you have any concerns.

We do not accept back any products unless it is unopened.  We do not offer a trial for products.  

CBD is a holistic product which works for a great many individuals.  It is not guaranteed to work for everyone for everything - just like anything in life. We have been in business since 2017 and have numerous REAL stories- emails- phone calls and in person talks with our customers on how great Herbstrong is in general and also compared to other products. 

Unfortunately, there are people that take advantage of a "money back guarantee" and will essentially simply buy the most expensive item and then claim that it didn't work on the 29th day.  

If you are new to CBD, we recommend that you start with the 1000mg drops and take advantage of our many sales and specials ( email us if you don't see one!) and then start with 5 drops twice per day for a few days and work your way up to as many as needed ( suggest up to 25 drops per dose) to see if CBD is something that will work for you.  You must be your own guinea pig! 5-7 drops twice a day is the most common "sweet spot" among our customer feed back. 

If any products arrive damaged, broken or part of your order is missing. You must notify Customer Service within 7 days of delivery, email Please take a photo if there is damage.  The shipping carriers ask us to provide proof for our claims. Once this is done, the customer service team will follow up with next steps.

In regards to shipping refunds, we already offer free shipping on orders over $100 - if you choose to upgrade, that is a risk you take with the carrier and is beyond our control.  Please do not ask for a refund on shipping related costs that are out of our control. 

In the event that you wish to cancel an order already en route, you may "Return to Sender" by writing this on the outside of the UNOPENED package and giving back to the postal service. Your card will be credited upon the receipt of the product.

We do not accept opened or used product back for any reason. 

We support all Veterans risking their life and limbs to keep our country free!  Please email us at with your current or expired military ID. You may hide any sensitive information in the email of course. Once we get this info, we will provide you with a lifetime discount code. For now, use VETS as a one time courtesy. Thank you for your service! 

Yes, we support all emergency personnel risking their lives and sanity to help others!  In good faith, you may use the one time use code immediately.  The one time discount is ER15 -  Once your email is in the system, we can add you to our lifetime discount group - this requires an ID. Please email us at with your information prior to your next order. You may hide any sensitive information in the email of course. Please share with other emergency personnel    (Fire, Police, EMT etc.)

Promo codes from Brand Ambassadors and promotional sales are a one time use and can not be combined with any other offer.  

Any type of Promo Codes may not be stacked, Meaning there is only one discount available per product.  

Example - you purchase a buy 1, get 1 at 20% off and also have a 10% code from another source, the 1st product will be eligible for the 10%, but the 2nd product is already 20% off and therefore not eligible. 

If you have any trouble with a code, please check the spelling and also be sure you have not used it in the past.  

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