Silver Edition Recovery Drops

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  • Recover like the worlds strongest
  • 3000mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle! On average, Herbstrong is 10x more concentrated than competitors. 
  • Meticulously formulated to accelerate recovery, we work for the strongest athletes in the world! We don't mess around!
  • Highly concentrated - take less, get more.
  • Priced by reason, not hype.


Dosing - 
Average dose: 20 - 50mg, twice a day - evenly spaced out, in some cases people use a lot more (50 - 100mg). Each individual drop (not full dropper) contains apx. 6mg of CBD.

How to take - 

  • Drops can be put into drinks and food.
  • Put directly into the mouth, under the tongue for maximum benefits.
  • Used topically (put the drops right on your skin, like the cream).

      Ingredients:  3000mg CBD Oil, MCT Oil 

      *Does not ship to South Dakota